Small-scale dairy farming manual - Vol. 3 -

The common practice is to measure the yield in kg using a suitable balance or a bucket or other container calibrated in 0.5 kg intervals.

Small-Scale Dairy Farming Manual

A preservative like Potassium Dichromate has to be added to the sample to prevent it clotting.

<i>Small</i>-<i>scale</i> <i>dairy</i> <i>farming</i> <i>manual</i> - Vol. 3 -

Dairy Farmers Training Manual - Thailand Dairy

(14)To measure the average fat content of the milk on a particular day, a proportionate sample of the milk produced at each milking during the day has to be collected, e.g.

Small-scale dairy farming manual - Vol. 5 -

In its simplest form milk recording involves the measurement and recording by the owner of the quantity of milk produced daily by each individual animal.

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