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All of the world’s bearded dragons today orinated from the wild, outback regions of Australia... Bearded Dragons Are Literally Now imagine plucking a bearded dragon from its natural habitat in a dry desert, where temperatures can sore well over 90 degrees in the day and drop to under 45 degrees at nht... which means you need to “artificially create” an environment that is similar to a beardie’s natural habitat. rearing a bearded dragon can be an expensive hobby!

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And they end up making all sorts of terrible mistakes that can seriously harm the well-being of their beloved bearded dragons!

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To understand why bearded dragons need such special attention and care, it is important to know where they come from. Unless you live in the desert, I your garden has the same kind of conditions... Because of the equipment you have to set up to “mimic” its natural habitat...

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But sadly, most people don’t have the same level of knowledge as experts.

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